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April 2, 2020
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  Calanus Marine Zooplankton 20 gr   SIC530 17.24

  HyperClear Freshwater 12oz   SIC540 14.94

  HyperClear Reef 12oz   SIC539 14.94

  HyperCure Herbal ICK Stop 15oz   SIC585 27.59

  HyperCure herbal ICK Stop 6oz amber   SIC541 14.55

  HyperGarlic & Vitamin C 6oz amber Spray Bottle   SIC542 14.94

  Alpine Multi-light Transformer 100w   BK101 52.89

  Alpine Multi-light Transformer 60w   BK100 45.99

  MedFinn Medicated Pond Pellets 5lb *   MNF104 40.25

  MedFinn Micro Medicated Aquarium Pellets 2oz *   MNF106 4.59

  2-Stage Stingray RO Unit 100 gpd *   AL8307 172.49
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  2-Stage Stingray RO Unit 50 gpd *   AL8294 160.99
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  3-Stage Dolphin RO Unit 50 gpd *   AL8295 183.07
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  CALA-fin Fine Calanus Marine Zooplankton 60 grams   AL1806 25.29
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  HyperCoral GC 120ml   AL195 20.69
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  HyperCoral GC 30ml   AL193 12.64
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  HyperCoral GC 450ml   AL196 37.94
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  HyperCoral GC 60ml   AL194 17.24
Aquarium Life Support Systems

  24" Marine Marquis T5 HO 2 Lamp Fixture with Timer *   AF146 92.65
Aquatic Life

  36" Lamp 39w T5 HO 420/460nm Actinic *   AF136 21.84
Aquatic Life

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