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March 2, 2021
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  7-Watt Submersible UV filter   AQ224 89.99

  9-Watt Submersible UV filter   AQ225 119.99

  AZOO Filter Sponge - White Filter Media Padding   AZ332 2.49

  AZOO PLUS Arowana Vitamins - 500 ml   AZ331 22.49

  Coral Booster LED Pendant with Mount   AZ334 299.99

  Filter Wool - 250 g   AZ333 12.49

  Chemi-pure Blue Grande 44oz 1large unit equals the same as 4 individual Units   BE100 64.99
Boyd Enterprises

  Chemi-pure Blue Nano 5 Packets   BE499 11.99
Boyd Enterprises

  Chemi-pure Green 5.5oz   BE501 9.99
Boyd Enterprises

  Elite 5 Protein Skimmer with Sicce SK200 Pump   SS106 249.99
Bubble Magus

  Elite 7 Protein Skimmer with Sicce PSK600 Pump   SS107 349.99
Bubble Magus

  Elite 9 Protein Skimmer with Sicce PSK1200 Pump   SS108 449.99
Bubble Magus

  AquaBiotic Botanical 8oz   CS100 10.99

  Life Rock Shapes 20lb Box CS125 109.99

  Bio-Lux Ultra Porous Ceramic Bio Media   EP182 44.95

  PF-1800 Overflow Box for 200-300 Gallon Dual Intake   EP139 169.99

  Tanklimate Medium Acclimation Box 12"x5"x6"   EP103 89.95

  Tanklimate Small Acclimation Box 6"x4"x4"   EP105 43.99

  Fixick 16oz   FR182 24.99
Fritz Aquatics

  Fixick 8oz   FR181 12.99
Fritz Aquatics

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