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March 2, 2021
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  Product Name / Manufacturer Freight Item # Price
  RPM Reef Pro Mix Complete Sea Salt 200 Gallon Box FR200 63.99
Fritz Aquatics

  RPM Reef Pro Mix Complete Sea Salt 50 Gallons FR201 19.99
Fritz Aquatics

  Metal 2 Way Air Gang Valve   GU119 5.49
Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium

  Metal 3 Way Air Gang Valve   GU120 6.99
Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium

  Metal 4 Way Air Gang Valve   GU121 8.99
Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium

  Metal 5 Way Air Gang Valve   GU122 10.99
Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium

  HI702 High Range Copper Checker FW & Marine Colorimeter   HN103 49.95
Hanna Instruments

  HI702-11High Range Copper Checker FW & Marine Calibration Set   HN105 20.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI702-25 High Range Copper FW & Marine Reagents for 25 Tests   HN104 10.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI70300L Electrode Storage Solution 500ml Bottle   HN121 14.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI7032M 1382 mg/l (ppm) TDS value @ 25, 230 ml Bottle   HN120 12.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI70436M 230ml Deionized Water   HN123 10.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI721 Iron Checker FW Colorimeter   HN112 49.95
Hanna Instruments

  HI721-11 Iron Checker FW Calibration Check Set   HN114 12.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI721-25 Iron Checker FW Reagents for 25 Tests   HN113 8.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI731315 2 Pack Glass Cuvettes and Caps for Checkers   HN122 9.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI758-11 Calcium Checker Marine Calibration Check Set   HN102 17.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI758U Calcium Checker Marine Colorimeter   HN100 49.95
Hanna Instruments

  HI758U-26 Calcium Checker Marine Reagents for 25 Tests   HN101 23.00
Hanna Instruments

  HI761 Ultra Low Range Total Chlorine Checker FW & Marine Colorimeter   HN115 49.95
Hanna Instruments

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